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Welcome to the 

Kohlrieser Leadership Institute

What we do?

Leaders’ and organisations’ long-term success is built on their ability to create psychological safety through caring and their willingness to take risks and get out of their comfort zone by daring.

Our mission is to share and build on Secure Base Leadership principles from Professor George Kohlrieser’s teaching career and bestselling leadership books “Hostage at the Table” and “Care to Dare” with leaders, teams and organisations in innovative ways that create ever higher levels of performance. 

Through customised Executive Coaching & Development, Team Workshops, Targeted Skills Training as well as Keynote Speeches we empower executive leaders to care first, dare more, and create high performing teams that enjoy working together and excel in their bottom-line results.

Executive Coaching & Development

Through structured 1-1 as well as group coaching we help leaders improve their leadership so that they can create a clear vision and deliver superior results.

Team Workshops

In our tailored executive workshops, we ignite performance breakthroughs, promoting teamwork and empowering leaders for greater organizational effectiveness.

Targeted Skills Training

Honing in on key elements of secure base leadership, including dialogue, conflict management and negotiation, our targeted skills training enables leaders to take their leadership to the next level. 

Why work with us?

By enabling you to apply and build on the Secure Base Leadership principles, which have been shared with tens of thousands of leaders all over the globe during the past 20 years, we help you create lasting transformation that result in excellence.

Our approach is highly flexible and tailored to your needs. We first help you understand the dynamics that are draining your resources and keeping you and your team stuck, then we empower you to integrate pragmatic and effective tools into your day-to-day leadership that generate breakthrough performance improvements.

Find out how we can help you be the best leader you can be, enable high performance and create an enjoyable and energising work environment for yourself and your team.


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